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Project Description

Cherrywood Town Centre Development, County Dublin

Client requirements

One of the few sites left in Dublin with potential for a development on such a scale, the Cherrywood Town Centre Development site sits in an area where demand for housing is at its highest. The Town Centre with nearly 70,000sq.m of retail space, 45,000sq.m of office accommodation and over 1300 residential units forms the pulsating heart of Cherrywood.

Securing right outcomes

DCON Safety Consultants are acting as Project Supervisor for the Design Process on this exemplar development. As the overall scale of what is being undertaken is of significant size their strong argument for strategic health and safety to be in place to manage safety across all plot projects. DCON Safety Consultants are informing safe design, build and operate considerations and creating a behavioural strategy for construction works to seek a means to align global similar project delivery to that of Irish construction safety norms.

As the author of the Town Centre Outline Construction Management Plan, DCON Safety Consultants have set the overarching vision of how construction works will be managed in a safe, organised manner, undertaken and coordinated by contractors working on plots interfacing with operational infrastructure to the mutual benefit of all vested parties.

Project Details