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Project Description

Dean Street Hotel Project, Dublin 8

Client requirements

The proposed development is for a 263 bedroomed hotel arranged over six floors providing restaurant, bar, café and meeting room facilities at ground, and at a partial mezzanine, floor level. It is configured is a H-shaped plan, with bedrooms facing the street, onto two internal but open ended courtyards, and a south facing garden to the rear. The public or Coombe façade at street level extends a predominantly glazed appearance, interspersed frequently with doors and entrances to the various “Front of House” facilities, to enable the hotel to fully engage with the street. This transparency combined with setting back of the plane of the glazing to significantly widen the pavement and a continuous projecting canopy overhead will transform the experience and appearance of the street.

Securing right outcomes

DCON Safety Consultants as Project Supervisor for the Design Process have managed the risks associated with this  inner city site. The site is a possible significant archaeological importance area.  Through an enabling works package, DCON Safety Consultants have been able to de-risk the main build project and secure the client’s ambitious handback programme.


Project Details




Hodson Bay Group